Landing Editoria

The following is an outline of the preiminary, and fluid, plan to land Editoria in a comfortable and timely manner within UCP. Below is a list of steps to outline the steps necessary, some of the items must run in parallel. Please click each one to view.

1. Editor Workflow 1.0

The first test must be a meaningful trial of the 'the smallest part' of the workflow we can manage with the current feature set.

2. Testing Rendering 1.0 and Book Builder 1.0 (WIP)

Testing the Book Builder and automatic rendering to EPUB, Vivliostyle PDF, and ICML (InDesign XML).

3. Image Management 0.1, Table Management 0.1

The next 2 items that need to be designed. This would bring Editoria to a 1.0 beta

4. Index Builder 0.1, Front and Back Matter Styling/Templates 0.1 (DNE)

These items may not be required but we need design sessions to determine this.