Testing Editor Workflow


6 weeks to develop 1st test production-ready Editoria.

We need to prepare Editoria for production. The first test will occur in the week of May 29. We are yet to determine the exact nature of the test but it will probably look something like this:

  1. UCP choose a few chapters, plus the bibliography, for a book. No images. Simple structure.
  2. Alex loads this into Editoria for them (reporting XSweet issues to Wendell)
  3. Alex does a brief clean and check of the content

May 29th, the UCP crew begin to check:

  1. styling workflow
  2. copy editor workflow
  3. author edits and improvements workflow

Finally, we export:

  1. Julien manually creates a book with Vivliostyle and InDesign


So, to get there we need to:
  1. upgrade to latest PubSweet core
  2. enable concurrent updates
  3. enable multiple book support
  4. fix some Substance bugs
  5. apply editor redesign
  6. Add required block styles
  7. Add New Notes Design
  8. Clean up code
  9. Write tests

In addition, the following fixes from the initial Editoria test held recently at UCP:

  1. Automatically advancing to the next tracked change is too jarring
  2. Remove Bold Button
  3. Cleaner way to move from the Editor back to the Book Builder. (Julien)

Lastly, we need to deploy Editoria to a production environment.


PubSweet core team will make EPUB a native file format of Editoria.